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NAVIE ENTERPRISES - our sister concern is one of the largest manufactures of Grout Injection Pump & Packers for the construction industries besides manufacturing Floor Scarifiers, Screed Boxes, Power Trowel and Mortar Mixer Machines over a decade. NAVIE ENTERPRISES focus on manufacturing special equipment which eases the work burden and improves the quality of applications. NAVIE ENTERPRISES has a dedicated manufacturing unit & service center to deliver the delightful service before and after purchase.

Resin Injection Pump (E)

Single Component Electrically Operated Injection Pump for injecting Epoxy & PU Resins

Model VN - E300
Weight 13 Kg
Electrical Power AC 220V / 700W
Max Pressure 4300 psi
Delivery Maximum 2 Litre/min

Steel Packers

Description Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
SP-65 13 65
SP-75 13 75
SP-110 13 110
SP-200 13 200

Cement Grout Pump (M)

Hand Operated Positive Diaphragm Pump for injecting high viscosity Slurries & Grouts

Model VN - MC140
Weight 8 Kg
Max Pressure 140 Psi
Delivery Maximum 1 Litre/min

Floor Scarifier/ Floor Planner

Floor Planner for Roughening and scarifying of Concrete and Epoxy resin floor

Model VN - FS200
Weight 50 Kg
Max Cutting Depth per Pass 3mm
Cutting Width 200mm
Motor Specifications 220V - 240V, 3 HP
Adjustable Cutting Depth Yes

Multi Purpose Mixer Machine

Electrical Mixer Machine for Mixing Epoxy, PU and Polymer Screeds

Model VN - MM35
Weight 25 Kg
Capacity 35 L
Direction of Rotation Clock Wise (Single Direction)
Motor Specifications 220V - 240V, 3 HP


ROLLER SCREED BOX for Uniform& Consistent Placement of Epoxy, PU and Polymer Screed

Weight 15 Kg
Standard Width Available (Custom Available)
Standard Length Available (Custom Available)
Mortar Dispenser Height 1"